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Bike region Pfyn-Finges is famous for its wonderful mountain bike routes. What has been missing is an attractive route from Torrentalp to Flaschen. The mountain bike trail is now under construction.

Bike region Pfyn-Finges is known for its magnificent mountain bike routes, including the Torrenttrail (no. 141) and a stage of the Valais Alpine Bike (no. 41). However, an attractive route to Flaschen from Torrentalp, where the flowtrail already arrives from the Rinderhüutte, was lacking to develop summer tourism.

Let's get started for the Torrentalp - Flaschen mountainbike route.

Launch of the construction

Following the completion of the technical report, the trail was approved under the Law “Itinéraires de Mobilités de Loisirs” (LIML) in 2022. Construction of the mountain bike trail is now under way! Construction is being carried out by the forestry service of the Leuk municipality, which is also responsible for maintaining the trails in general. Every week, our construction experts go out into the field to meticulously plan the trails using small flags. We use our app to ensure that the work is properly monitored.

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The three sections of the mountain bike trail


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