Who are the people behind Bikeplan?

Our team consists of professional mountain bike enthusiasts from the fields of environmental engineering, tourism, regional development, scenography, business administration and management, GIS, spatial planning, sustainability, community building and trail construction.

Adrian Greiner


Diploma spatial and scenographic design FH

Adrian is literally buzzing for new ideas. What counts for him is the user experience and sustainable implementation. Adrian has more than 15 years of experience in architecture and scenography and almost 10 years of experience in developing mountain bike destinations.

Janine Wiltz

Office Manager and Member of the Executive Board

Dipl. Kauffrau

Janine has many years of experience in tourism and the hotel industry. She is a mother of two children and loves to be out and about in the forest with them and discover it with her own eyes.

Mathias Julen

Project Manager

B.Sc. Tourism

When Mathias is on the phone, you know immediately whether he’s talking to Valais or Bern. Having grown up between Bern and Zermatt, he not only speaks two dialects, but also knows two cultures.

Jan Oggier

Project Manager

B.Sc. Business Administration FH

Jan comes from Valais and the development of “his” region is particularly close to his heart. He sees mountain biking not only as a wonderful recreational activity, but also as an opportunity for structurally weaker areas to reinvent themselves.


Bikeplan Team Michael Brügger

Michael Brügger

Project Manager

Michael is an outdoor enthusiast and loves both alpine sports and mountain biking. He worked for the Swiss Snowsports Federation for several years as project manager and head of instruction.

Stefan Oberer

Project Manager​ Bike /San Gottardo





Marco Steiger

Project Manager​ Bike /San Gottardo IT

Lisa Wolfsteiner

Marketing and Junior Project Manager

M. Sc. Sporttourism and Destinationmanagement

Lisa did not only writing her Master’s thesis on mountain bike hotels, she is also the heart and soul of our Trail.Foundation and SMP team. She addresses the things that others elegantly dance around and helps projects and organisations to develop.


Bikeplan Team Felix Volpert

Felix Volpert

Project Manager

B.Sc. ZHAW in Environmental Engineering

Felix enjoys learning new things. It is particularly important for him to educate people about the beauty and value of their natural environment and to support its sustainable use. His strengths lie in visitor monitoring and management as well as nature conservation.

Sylvain Häderli

Junior Project Manager

Bachelor HES Science de l’environnement

With his incredible mountain bike enthusiasm, Sylvain fits perfectly into the team. He is very calm and has a thoughtful manner.  Tis very valuable and extremely appreciated by all. Sylvain not only leads the trail crew in Verbier, he is also enormously involved in the local bike club and is himself an excellent mountain biker – but prefers to play it cool.

Sébastien de Meris

Project Associate

M.Sc. mountain region management and geomorphology, UNIL

Sébastien can somehow do anything. Furthermore, he is never stressed, always finishes before the deadline and has learned German better in 3 months than others have learned French in 9 years of school!


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