Trail Management Platform

plan | coordinate | implement

“Sustainably increase the quality of your hiking trails, bike trails & infrastructures –
to delight your guests and ensure that nature and resources are treated with care!”

The entire infrastructure management on one platform.

  • Maintenance management and team coordination
  • Working hour recording and cost estimation
  • Planning tool for new and further development
  • Recording of all points of interest

The Trail Management Platform…

  • ... simplifies daily work & workflows thanks to standardisation!
  • ... increases efficiency within the team and during the organization!
  • .... documents and archives your work!
  • ... saves costs through higher efficiency!

Application possibilities

Field Assessment​

Collect data about MTB-relevant "points of interest" in your region. This way you have everything in view for evidence-based development decisions.

Maintenance management

Capture trail damage including its location and pictures of it. Directly plan maintenance measures, e.g. using the pre-defined measure catalogue. Assign tasks and report your working hours directly through the platform.

Trail Design​

Place trail features such as " tables", " antiberms" or "shark fin's" georeferenced in the app. Share your vision of the future trail vividly with the team out in the field and in the office.

Signage planning

Record existing and identify locations for new signposts. Based on this, directly generate reports and order lists.

Cost estimation

Create cost forecasts for trail maintenance, signage and trail elements. The forecast is based on the recorded type of trail, damage or element, the respective length and pre-defined formulas.

Working hours report

Record your daily working hours holistically and project/work related. From this, create reports and Excel reports as a basis for the working hour remuneration.

"For us in Verbier, this is the best tool we could find to keep track of the finished work and to schedule what still needs to be done in advance. It's a very user-friendly app & platform and it makes sharing information and locations within the work crew very easy."
Sylvain Haederli
Responsible for maintaining and developing
mountain bike trails in Verbier

Developed by our infrastructure specialists!

“Our vision with the TMP is to create long-term sustainable trail experiences.

To achieve this, we follow an integrative approach to managing a wide range of trail-related aspects.”

At Bikeplan we have been working in mountain bike specific destination development, trail planning and training in sustainable trail maintenance for 10 years. Because we consider a high quality trail infrastructure as the key factor to delight outdoor enthusiasts and to channel them through joy while riding.

Originally, we designed an app to document and reason about our own work in an even more precise and evidence-based way. Our clients were delighted. We quickly realised that we could solve daily trail management problems efficiently and easily with further solution-oriented developments. Thus, we have built the trail management platform according to the needs of our users in trail management and are constantly developing it further.

Data handling and technology

So that nothing gets forgotten, you can use the platform on all mobile and desktop devices as well as with tablets. It is also compatible with particularly robust “rugged devices” (e.g. Samsung Active Tab). This allows the platform to be operated even with gloves.

Your trails and your trail network are pre-set and can be displayed according to your wishes, e.g. according to the technical difficulty.  Further trail information is displayed easily when you click on it.

To help you know what to focus on out in the field, or where a sensitive area is located, we can map specific zones and perimeters for you ( e.g. protected areas, bike park zone, municipality, region or project boundaries).

All field observations, the related information and the work reports can be viewed on the map in the platform or exported as an Excel file and as PDF report.

If you have no reception outside, you can use the app offline.

In the field, your data is recorded via the app and synchronised with the database immediately or when the connection is restored.

According to your needs or wishes, we at Bikeplan can help you with the analysis and graphical processing of your data. This way you can back up your valuable work with facts and figures and justify future investments. 

Interfaces and exports for external GIS applications (ArcGIS, QGIS etc.) are also possible and can be configured by us on request.

Data acquisition spectrum

In order to simplify the recording and management of information, we have predefined key parameters. Among them:

location of the observation


incl. possibility to draw in them




level of difficulty

according to bfu, IMBA, ITRS etc.

trail typology

flowtrail, downhill, access street, ...


Length, width and height specifications


e.g. for trail elements: drainage, jump, obstacle, path, curve, etc.

Points of Interest

local offers, nature, culture, gastronomy / hospitality, transport, other services

measure catalogue

Predefined measures in the categories e.g. "install Rolling Contour" for category "Drainage"

assignment of tasks

task status

e.g. to do, in progress, done

For fast recording & working, consistent information (e.g. the person recording, trail, municipality, region) is saved for all data points and stored in the background. This means you only have to do this once for each trail or work zone you are in.


In the future, the platform is not only going to record maintenance measures, we plan to also integrate temporary closures (e.g. during the hunting season) directly from our platform into the platforms used by mountain bikers for navigation. We strive for coordinated management that also takes into account daily and seasonal aspects. The interests of the stakeholders are to be integrated. We also want to include the possibility to collect feedback from bikers and other stakeholders in order to be able to react accordingly.


The prices below are based on 5 platform users. If your team is larger, we will be happy to make you an individual offer. The costs increase only slightly for additional users.

Demo version

Convince yourself of our offer. Test the functions of our platform on your devices in an example destination.
to test the app for 3 weeks
  • Implementation of 2 of your routes for testing
  • Introductory video

Trail Manager Plan

You and your team have made it your vocation to keep the hiking and mountain biking offer in your region attractive? We will set up the platform for your destination and fully support you with your work.
annually from 850
plus one-off initiation and training costs of CHF 2,055.-
  • Training tailored to your team. On site if required*
  • Implementation of your trails / infrastructure / protected areas
  • Predefined catalog of measures
  • Extensive support services
  • Automatic cost estimates on request

Volunteer Plan

Are you volunteering to support your pathways, trails or signposting in your region? We think that's great - and are happy to support you with a special offer!
annually from 550
plus one-off initiation and training costs of CHF 1,440.-
  • Training tailored to your team
  • Implementation of your trails & protected areas
  • Predefined catalog of measures
  • Basic support

7 individually selectable modules 👍🏽

So that you can use the app & platform according to your needs, you can choose from 7 specific modules. Both plans include 4 basic modules of your choice. Do you have other requirements? We would be happy to develop them with you!
in the basic package: 4 modules each additional module: only CHF 25 per year!
  • Field Assessment
  • Maintenance management
  • Signage planning
  • Trail Design
  • Working hours report
  • Accident report
  • Infrastructure inspections

*in Switzerland. For projects/regions abroad, digital training is carried out for ecological and cost reasons.

References/customer examples:

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