All aspects of mountain biking

We consult, plan and implement solutions along the entire mountain bike specific service development. We are particularly specialised in the development of modern, holistic concepts and master plans in the field of mountain bike infrastructure. We carry out spatial planning, economic and tourism analyses, compare local conditions with current market trends and seek intensive dialogue with the people involved and affected locally. On this basis, we draw up cantonal structure plans, develop destinations, optimise visitor guidance or plan new trails and facilities.


Mountain biking in alpine regions is becoming increasingly popular.

For tourist destinations or regions, mountain bikers are an interesting target group that can complement summer tourism as a new guest demographic and generate additional revenue.

We support you in the market-oriented and bike-specific development of your destination: we analyse, conceptualise, plan and implement new trails as well as corresponding business models and create lighthouse projects for marketing.


Mountain biking and cycling is a common recreational activity in rural as well as urban areas and agglomerations. Today, users are often insufficiently guided and therefore also use routes that are already partly intended for another form of use. This can lead to local conflicts of interest.

The development of a regional mountain bike or bicycle traffic plan is worthwhile both for tourism and local recreation purposes. Through holistic planning and attractive infrastructures, mountain bikers or cyclists can be guided efficiently and in a targeted manner. In addition, attractive local recreation infrastructures can be created for the users, which have very low conflict potential. This has a positive effect on the attractiveness of a region or city as a location, which is enhanced by a diverse range of local recreation facilities.

In order to ensure that planning is sustainable, the needs of local stakeholders (municipalities, tourism organisations, transport companies, local mountain scene, local service providers, forestry, wildlife protection and environmental protection organisations) are recorded in a participatory manner and their feedback integrated into the concepts.

Everyday life

Bicycles, e-bikes or pedelecs are playing an increasingly important role in daily mobility behaviour – especially in cities and agglomerations. Efficient and safe bicycle connection routes are fundamental infrastructures for commuters to reach their destination quickly and safely.

In order to strengthen these new forms of mobility in urban areas and local recreation areas, BikePlan AG develops strategies, concepts or planning foundations for the simplest and most targeted implementation and realisation. This always takes into account the sustainability triangle according to Brundtland.

Mountain bike culture

We love to experience nature and flow when riding our bikes, to share experiences and to participate in an active community. We are convinced that these values are the essence of mountain biking.

We are therefore committed to ensuring that not only a high-quality infrastructure is available for these experiences, but also that everything around it is coherent: bike-specific services, trail construction, events, coordination (industry, target groups, authorities, residents, environment, etc.).

Want to develop your bike destination?

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