Change in the management of Bike Plan AG

We are pleased to inform you promptly and directly about a change in our management team: Mr. Kevin Suhr, department head and operational managing director of Bike Plan AG, will leave us at the end of September 2022 for personal reasons and at his own request.

As operational manager of Bike Plan AG, Kevin made a great contribution to the sustainable development of our vision, the corporate culture and, as a result, to the quality of our customer projects. I would like to thank him for this great commitment.

Adrian Greiner, Founder and Chairman Bike Plan AG

He will now devote himself to new tasks, with a higher priority on his future young family. The whole team of Bike Plan AG wishes him and his family all the best for the future.


It is a great concern for us to find a suitable successor for this important function. At the same time, the opportunity arises to rethink the organizational structure of Bike Plan AG – therefore we do not act hastily but allow ourselves the time necessary for the process.


Kevin Suhr will continue to be available as operational managing director until mid-August and as usual as contact person. From then on, Adrian Greiner will manage the business of Bike Plan AG ad interim as operational managing director until the successor solution is installed. We will inform you about this in due course.


The vacancy has of course no influence on the quality of our work – we assure you, smooth service in the usual way.


Thank you for your understanding and your attention.

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